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The Institute Of Progressive Thinkers

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The Institute Of Progressive Thinkers

December 31, 2016

Memorandum Of Education

  • B biology

  • A astronomy

  • S science

  • E evolution

  • D data

BASED Education

B. To provide students with the knowledge of the fundamental collective data of the universe. All truths of understanding are stored within the formation of all things. From quantum mechanics, biology, astrophysics, geology to evolution, the finger print of all things exist. Self knowledge is the definite tool of mankind.

A. To understand biology intimately and passionately. The inter-workings of mankind’s mechanics are buried deep within the biology of planet Earth. The absolute of our fabric is the cause of our limitations. From mitochondria to mankind everything is linked. Biology is the core of our understanding of ourselves.

S. Astrophysics is our ability to peer through the bedroom window and see what lies in our own front yard and across the street. It’s time to meet the neighbors. Our looking glass into whats around us and what is at the core of all existence.

E. How to use science as a tool. Evolution as a history of how we came to be. The proper placement of the order of events is our only way to follow the path of our existence. Discovery is still abundant. Discernment and observation are so young that collective data (eyes of the old) have not even had time to accumulate. History is what it is and whatever it is, it is true. Like it or not, believe it or not, it all comes down to it’s interpretation which is only skewed by the most recent and relative data. All points along any given path lead to the interpretation of the truth.

D. Data, the gathering of information. A collective consciousness of understanding. A point of reality. A central processing center.

To provide tomorrows generation with a deeper understanding and a wider field of view of knowledge and causation than the previous generation. To enlighten the youth of Earth to grow and to know more than we even did, more than we ever could. To become more than themselves and contribute to the greater cause that is all of mankind. A Based education evolving core truths and principals of the universe. A resource of critical thinking skills for the betterment of mankind.

Director Of Education

-Rev James Jones

The School Of Progressive Thinkers

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